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The Myanmar-China (Shenzhen) Economic and Trade Forum was successfully held, and the 2020 SZIF was welcomed by Myanmar enterprises

Release time: 2019-09-30

In September this year, the CBOSM and the 2020 China (Shenzhen) International Import Fair (hereinafter referred to as the “SZIF”) organizing committee jointed conducted a number of economic and trade exchanges and investment promotion meetings in overseas countries such as Australia, Vietnam, India, and South Africa. It has received support and attention from government agencies and local brands. At the end of September, China’s economic and trade exchange team continued to come to Myanmar and successfully held a Myanmar-China (Shenzhen) Economic and Trade Investment Forum in Yangon.



The forum was hosted by CBOSM and invited Chinese and Burmese government officials, business associations, and high-level representatives from the enterprises to participate in a special investment forum on the development opportunities and challenges of China and Myanmar. Mr. Zhou Mingwu, the deputy director of CBOSM and Ms. Cao, the director of Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area Office attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The organizing committee of China (Shenzhen) International Import Fair (hereinafter referred to as “SZIF”) and Shenzhen All World International Exhibition Co., Ltd. also participated in the meeting.


The leaders of the two countries shared and discussed the market environment of their own. Mr. Zhou Mingwu, the deputy director of CBOSM, said that the friendship between Myanmar and China goes back to ancient times and has a long history. China is a friendly neighbor of Myanmar and also the largest trading partner of Myanmar and particularly pointed out that Myanmar and China have a wide range of economic and trade cooperation in the agricultural sector and hoped that the two sides can further strengthen trade and cooperation. He also introduced the current development and various open investment policies of Shenzhen and vigorously appeals for Myanmar brand enterprises to enter China and Shenzhen to achieve win-win cooperation..


At the forum, the representative of SZIF introduced the grand international fair - SZIF to be held in the spring of 2020. SZIF will be guided by CBOSM and the Chinese Council for the Promotion of International Trade in Shenzhen and hosted by Shenzhen Jiade Global Supply Chain Co., Ltd. The fair will be held once a year, with the theme of “Connecting the world, making the future better”. It will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention&Exhibition Center from March 24-27, 2020. It aims to create a connecting platform for Chinese merchandise and the world’s and brings global quality products into the Chinese market.


Nowadays, China has a population of 1.4 billion and is the second-largest consumer goods country and the demand for global goods is growing. In addition to the exhibition of global branded goods, SZIF will hold many professional high-end forums, such as the trend of forums, new channel-new retail forum, professional seminars as well as buyer’s procurement matchmaking meetings to achieve the accurate connecting of global branded suppliers and buyers.                                                                                                                                                                                    

The leader of the Myanmar government then introduced the general development situation of Myanmar’s market and the export policy. And he expressed his affirmation and strong support for the rapid development of Shenzhen and the positive significance of SZIF. He indicated that the government will strongly support Myanmar enterprises to go to China and become the bridge between the communication of Myanmar and China. He hoped that SZIF, this international event will be able to help China-Myanmar trade cooperation go further.



At the end of the event, the leaders of two countries exchanged gifts. Through this forum, it deepened the China-Myanmar economic communication, smoothed the channels for economic and trade exchanges between the two countries and promoted the foreign trade and investment of two countries. The leaders of two countries also indicated that they will work closely together to improve the trading cooperation environment between China and Myanmar.



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