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Deep cooperation between the China (Shenzhen) International Fair and the Italian Chinese Culture Association drives the economic

Release time: 2019-11-22

Recently, Mr. Shi Long, the chairman of the Italian Chinese Culture Association and the representative members of China’s Industry-University-Research Investment and Financing Union visited and exchanged with the Organizing Committee of China (Shenzhen) International Import Fair (SZIF). Ms. Ma Baoxuan, the Organizing Committee of SZIF and the CEO of Shenzhen All World International Exhibition warmly received them. In a pleasant atmosphere, the two sides discussed intents of cooperation in-depth and initially decided to set up the Italian National Exhibition Area and set Italy as the guest country.


The Italian Chinese Culture Association, established in 1992, aims to develop Chinese culture, enhance the images of Chinese people and promote the integration of Chinese groups into local society through various of cultural exchanges between China and Italy. Mr. Shi Long, the chairman of the Italian Chinese Culture Association said that China and Italy had a long history in exchanges and belong to the starting point and ending point of the ancient Silk Road. And the Belt and Road in new era is more like a road of cultural and trade exchanges, bringing new development opportunities to both countries. Shenzhen, as China’s first special economic zone, after 40 years of rapid development, it has become more and more important in international economic activities. The holding of the SZIF is of great significance to help Italian enterprises to enter the Chinese market and empower the Chinese consumers to understand Italian products.


At present, Chinese consumers are increasing their love and demands for Italian products. In 2018, the export of Italian agricultural products to China increased 8%, of which Italian extra virgin Oliver oil, macaroni, coffee, cheese are deeply loved by Chinese consumers. And Italy has become the fourth largest wine exporter in China. The 2020 SZIF mainly exhibits food and daily consumer goods, which has 9 areas including food, beverages, cosmetics, pet products, Shenzhen friendship city zone, cross-border e-commerce exhibition area, trade-in ancillary services, and tourism culture exhibition area. At that time, more than 80 countries and regions will participate. To set up the Italian National Pavilion and set Italy as the guest country will provide good opportunities for Chinese consumers to know Italian products in a near distance and also will have a positive effect on economic, trading and cultural development of the two countries. 


hrough sharing and cooperation to jointly hold a high-level SZIF, helping more Italian quality products to enter the Chinese market and providing further development opportunities for China-Italy the Belt and Road bilateral cooperation.

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