Solemn Statement

      The only official website of China (Shenzhen) International Import Fair (referred to as “SZIF”) is【】【】 can also be used as a login entrance.
      This website exclusively publishes information on the SZIF such as exhibition information, exhibitor services, travel services and other information.It is the only official online channel for obtaining booth information and booking booths and online registration for professional visitors. The Organizing Committee of SZIF has never authorized any other website to accept booth applications, visit applications or charge fees. Units and individuals are requested to be vigilant, pay attention to identification, and beware of being deceived.
      The Organizing Committee of SZIF shall not bear any responsibility for any losses caused by not participating and viewing in the exhibition through the above website. The Organizing Committee of SZIF reserves the right to pursue legal liability against infringing companies and individuals.
      Relevant materials on this website are promotional materials, and the pictures and text are for reference only. All details are subject to actual conditions. The rights and obligations of the buyer and sellers are subject to the contract. The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation with the scope prescribed by law.

Hereby declared!

The Organizing Committee of SZIF

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