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Shenzhen Co-Create Exhibition Co., LTD​

Shenzhen Co-Create Exhibition Co., LTD

Shenzhen co-create exhibition Co., LTD. Was established in March 2004, is a professional exhibition terminal exhibition service company, which integrates main field service and management, special decoration engineering design and construction, exhibition project development and operation.

Founded more than a decade, has always been to "professional, focused, concentrate on" development philosophy, in line with "common progress, common create, common development" spirit of cooperation, based in shenzhen, radiation throughout the country, with the original home service system, standardize the operation process, excellent design team, efficient construction team, advanced equipment materials, a wide range of industry resources, to win customer trust and respect, has developed into a class a qualification of exhibition engineering design and construction level of qualifications of domestic convention and exhibition industry.

In recent years, we have to undertake the shenzhen, shenzhen, wenbo, Keats exhibition, the talent meeting, wedding expo exhibition, electronics, mobile phone, jiangsu Chinese retailers conference, guangxi jade expo, hunan changsha sugar and wine are home building of more than 50 domestic well-known exhibition or special decoration design and construction services, by the organizer and the general customers the consistent high praise.

At present, the exhibition has 8 professional designers, project construction management, more than 50 engineering workers; Our own exhibition factory is nearly 5000 square meters, with 2500 sets of standard booths, 8000 meters of trusses, 1200 square meters of stage structure, and 1500 sets of various exhibition cabinets. We have established a set of effective operation mode and working process in the aspects of site management service, special installation design and construction, and follow-up service docking.

We are honored to cooperate with friends from all walks of life in the rapid development of the conference and exhibition industry, and we are willing to share the joy of success with you by virtue of professional skills, rich experience and dedicated service. 

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