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Ba Shu Feng Yue

Ba Shu Feng Yue

Shenzhen Ba Shu Feng Food Management Co., Ltd. was established in April 1998. It is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in Sichuan cuisine in Shenzhen. For fifteen years, Ba Shu Feng people has merged Ba Shu folk diet with Ba Shu culture, creating a precedent for Sichuan cuisine with Shenzhen's characteristic culture. At the early stage of operation, the company focused on "taste", that is "products" first. To this end, the core appeal of a Bashu style rises and the city is full of fragrance" shows the early spirit of Bashu style. "Country sound, nostalgia, rural scenery, and local flavor" are the operating characteristics of the "Ba Shu Feng Yue" brand; "Elegant and exquisite, the wind and moon are boundless" is the core demand of the "Ba Shu Feng Yue" brand; Ba Shu Feng Food Management Company is not only dedicated to Sichuan cuisine in Shenzhen. In addition, in order to ensure the quality and characteristics of Sichuan cuisine, a professional supporting Sichuan seasoning and pickled product processing base was invested in Chengdu suburban county. In Chengdu, we cooperated with the Overseas Chinese Town Group to create the high-end Szechuan cuisine brand "Mo Yan", the young and fashionable hot pot "Pick the lamp", and the teahouse and vegetarian feast "Jia Mei".

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