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He Fun Jee

Established in 2015, He Fun Jee Health Congee Shop is a stylish restaurant with a porridge theme. It currently has more than 70 stores in China, covering key commercial complexes and street stores in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other places. From the decoration style to the dining environment, it is perfect to impeccable for every detail is extremely attentive. The restaurant has attracted stars such as Han Huohuo, Zhang Liang and major TV stations. All of them have spoken for He Feng Jee. The restaurant mainly features casserole porridge and raw roll porridge. The porridge has a smooth texture and is delicious. The specialty dim sum and handmade dishes are not sloppy, the taste is refreshing, and the evaluation is quite high. He Feng Jee is committed to presenting the concept of health to the majority of customers, strictly selecting raw material suppliers to ensure that each pot of porridge has the highest nutritional value, and cooperates with domestic and foreign nutrition institutions to reposition the healthy eating habits of Chinese people, Drinking porridge has also become part of refined life. He Feng Jee Porridge Shop will adhere to this concept, and do better and better, and will bring back people's attention to a healthy diet that is not valued by modern people.

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