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    1. Process of the Exhibition

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    2. How are exhibits declared customs clearance and transportation?

    The basic process is as follows:

    All overseas exhibitors must provide the English name of the exhibiting company, the pavilion and the booth number to the designated logistics provider one month before the start of the exhibition, and submit it to the Chinese customs for record acceptance before they can be shipped to the exhibiting country for transportation.

    Basic process: the designated logistics provider's foreign branch and the agent contact the exhibitor-the exhibitor prepares the packing list and invoice of the exhibit --- submits the permanent import or temporary import and export documents about the exhibit --- the agent applies for the ATA certificate booklet- -Confirm the information of the transported goods ---- arrange the door-to-door pickup or the designated warehouse for the exhibitor to send the goods to the designated warehouse --- arrange to check the relevant documents with Shenzhen, China ---- choose to arrange the transportation method --- booking (sea transportation. --Photographing ---- Posting--Shipping ---- Declaring to the customs of the exporting country --- Arriving at the port of destination (Hong Kong. Shenzhen Airport or Terminal) --- Designated logistics provider to arrange port pick-up (at the same time one month before the launch Exhibitors filing with China Customs)-submit relevant documents for review --- arrange customs clearance-storage-entry into the customs system --- bundled customs instructions-customs approval-pick-up after release --- under development Delivered to each exhibitor's booth within three days.

    General Instructions &Guidelines Importation of Exhibition Materials

    A.LCL Sea and Air Freight Deadline of arrival:1 March.2020(Hongkong sea&airport)

    B.FCL Sea Freight Deadline of arrival:1 March.2020(Shekou port of Shenzhen)

    C.ATA& returned goods Deadline of arrival:1 March.2020(SZX Airport) 

    D.Documents of goods to be provided: 

    1.Packinglist and Invoice(Chinese and English)

    2.ProductPicture(JPG and PDF) 

    3.Shipper(Exhibitor)and contact information 

    4.Certificate of origin 

    5.Compoundinging redient(translate(Chinese and English) 

    6.Food hygiene licence 

    7.Original label 

    8.contract of sale 

    9.Aquatic product certificate(Suitable for seaweed products) 

    Due to different products, the specific information required is different. Exhibitors are requested to make arrangements in time to contact the designated logistics provider of the exhibition to arrange sample transportation:

    Shenzhen Unitop Logistics Co., LTD

    Contact:Mark Zheng

    CellPhone: 13603088590

    Tel: +86-0755-82385466

    Address:Luohu District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province 100d Building 2802 ~ 2803



    Shanghai Expotrans LTD

    Contact:Mr Ruan

    Address: 8F, No.555 An Yuan Road, Shanghai, 200040, China

    Tel:+86-21-60131818   13929546345



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    3. Time, place and scope of the SZIF?

    China (Shenzhen) International Import Fair (herein after referred to as SZIF)

    Time: March 24-27, 2020

    Location: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

    9 Exhibition Area:




    4.Household commodities 

    5.Pet products 

    6.Shenzhen Friendship City zone 

    7.Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition area  

    8.Trade in Ancillary services

    9.Tourism Culture Exhibition

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    4. Time Arrangement

    Construction Period

    Time for Registration in Advance for Special Construction Unit     March 21,2020   14:00-17:00

    Special Booth Exhibitors Report      March 22-23,2020     8:30-16:30

    Standard Booth Exhibitors Report  March 23,2020   08:30-16:30

    Exhibition Period

    Exhibitors enter the Hall:          March 24-27,2020  8:30

    Visitors Visit the Exhibition      March 24-26,2020     09:00-17:30

                                                     March 27,2020   09:00-14:00

    Dismantling Period                    March 27,2020  14:00-22:00

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    5. What are the benefits of overseas exhibitors participating in SZIF?

    Since Shenzhen is relying on the Greater Bay Area and has the core position of demo cities, the strong support from national policies and the continuous growth of domestic market demand, the SZIF will become a powerful platform for imported goods to enter the Chinese market. China has the world's largest population, and is the world's second largest economy, the second largest importer and consumer.China has entered a new stage of development in which consumption scale continues to expand, and consumption and imports have huge room for growth.

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    6. How do exhibitors apply for relevant documents?

    1.Participation certificate: Exhibitors should report the number of on-site staff to the organizer before March 1, 2020 (the principle is to provide 4 staff exhibitor badges for 9 square booths, if there are any special requirements, the exhibitor must apply in advance) for the staff of exhibitors to enter and exit the exhibition hall during the construction period, exhibition period and dismantling period.

    2.Construction certificate: When special decoration companies submit legends, they should apply for construction permits at the same time, which is suitable for construction workers to do on-site construction during the construction period. During the exhibition period, the certificates are invalid. The standard booths do not need to apply for construction permits if they do not make major changes to the booth.

    3.On-site electrician's certificate: During the exhibition period, the construction unit that needs to connect electricity must apply for an electrician's license on site. A copy of the company's business license and a small 1-inch photo are required.

    4. Exhibitor's car license for decorating or dismantling exhibition: Exhibitors or construction units will need to apply to the organizer for the vehicle licenses for construction and dismantling exhibition to transport goods to the exhibition hall (only for trucks) before March 1, 2020. Please put it in front of the car yourself, one car and one license will be used during the exhibition period. (Fill in the attached form and apply to the organizer)

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    7. What does “High Standard, Insightful, Accurate” exactly mean?

    1. High Standard-

    Connecting the world, make the future better

    Setting up a connecting platform between Chinas merchandise and the worlds; attracting premium global suppliers and buyers; with several professional high-end forums and buyers purchase matchmaking meetings, the highly accomplished connecting between global brands supplying and purchasing will be achieved.

    2. Insightful-

    Gathering global resources, breaking the inherent pattern.

    Gathering exhibitors from premium consumer goods alliances and key experts with political, commercial and academic backgrounds, the fair will launch forums about the development and opportunities of trade globalization and share information without reservation about new industries and their operational status to help break the unhealthy competition patterns among the same business industry.

    3. Accurate-

    Accurate Service, Efficient Connecting

    By integrating the VIP members resources from domestic and abroad premium alliances and using professional B2B procurement website platform to link all major supermarket channels, the SZIF can be promoted comprehensively and precisely, then the exclusive and efficient one-stop whole chain trade system for online and offline members can be implemented.

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    8. What is the mascot of the SZIF?

    For the China (Shenzhen) International Import Fair, the selected mascot is Kun. In ancient Chinese legend, Kun was a big fish that could be turned into a bird. It has the symbol of high-spirited pursuit of freedom. Because the goods we import come by sea, we choose Kun as mascot, which means that a large number of overseas goods are constantly being shipped to China. At the same time, it can be transformed into a big bird. The bird is called Peng in the legend, and Shenzhen is also called Peng City, so Kun is the symbol of Shenzhen. It means that the core value of our exhibition activities is that we can pursue free trade on our broad trade fair platform, promote the development of trade in various countries and advance together for the future.

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    9. How to get to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center?

    Subway: Line 11-Line 1, please get off at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Station, and the whole journey takes about 40 minutes;

    Airport Bus 330 : Shenzhen Airport- Hualian Building.  Departs every 20 minutes, the whole journey takes 35 minutes, you can get off at Zhuzilin Station and transfer to the subway to the Exhibition&Convention Center, or get off at the Investment building to take a taxi. It takes about 5 minutes to reach the Exhibition& Convention center.

    Hong Kong to Shenzhen: Hong Kong Kowloon Railway Station-Shenzhen Luohu Railway Station-Subway-Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Metro Station (Exit E, D)

    Guangzhou to Shenzhen: High-speed Train: Guangzhou Railway Station or Guangzhou East Railway Station - Shenzhen Luohu Station

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    10. How to present the highlights of the SZIF?

    1. Internationalization- The foreign exhibitors are expected to exceed 70%, because more than 70% exhibitors are from outside China.It will be the most international fair in South China.

    2. Large-scale- The appearance of international commodity scale will be another highlight of the SZIF. Nearly 3,000 exhibitors from more than 80 countries and regions will participate in the exhibitio. Many brands will appear in the Chinese market for the first time.

     3.Professionalization- A.In terms of the organization of professional buyers, SZIF will realize the accurate docking between exhibitors and buyers, which is also the cornerstone of the long-term development of SZIF. B.The operation team has nearly 20 years of international trade experience and has an authoritative influence in the field of international merchandise trade. It has huge resources of high-quality international commodity channels. C.The core members of the exhibition operation team have many years of experience in the operation of exhibition projects. They have worked in the top international exhibition companies such as Reed Exhibitions, Global Sources, and UBM. 

     4.  Internet Service Platform- China's first exhibition plus B2B imported goods wholesale website, connecting major retail channels, implementing an efficient and full-chain, one-stop procurement transaction service platform exclusively for online and offline members, to achieve seamless global brand suppliers and buyers precise docking.

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